Why we fail: 7 ways on How to be successful

Life is not fair for everyone in some ways. But I hope you agree me on this point that those who have fewer resources tend to turn out to be more successful usually than who have every single resources. But why is it so? Why people succeed? and why people fail? and how to be successful?

I have listened a lot that foreign have better opportunities than our nation (especially in India). Then I conducted a research about what makes a difference and find out the secrets that is responsible for people success and failure that answers all these above questions.

There can be a lot of differences but I have filtered and divided them in to 7 main points for you to understand properly.

How to be successful?

1. Lack of passion


Great dancers aren’t great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.

Every successful people is found to be in love with what they do. Their passion pushes themselves forward day by day even if they feel like quitting everyday. No passion is small or big. It’s just how you present it to the world.

how to protect your passion
how to nurture your passion
how to develop your passion

2. Vision


Running fast isn’t going to help you win, If you don’t know where are you going.

Just having a passion isn’t going to help you. Unless and until you have a vision to make it reality in which people praises you for what you do and what you serve them.

3. Work for their goal

People make dreams and try to make them a reality. But they should make their dream a goal and then make it a reality. Dream is just a dream, Goal is what you want to achieve. Know the difference.

Successful persons don’t just dream they make goals and try hard, really hard to accomplish it.

How to make smart goals

4. Hard-work and Smart-work combined

Almost every successful mentor knows and give this message of working hard. Overnight success is a result of years of hard work and dedication.

Some say I’m an overnight success. Well, that was a very long night that lasted about 10 years.

But to be more exact smart-work is as needed as hard work. Their combination opens a wide path for your success.

5. Persistance and Patience


Defeat may test you; it need not stop you. if at first you don’t succeed, try another way. For every obstacle there is a solution. Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. The greatest mistake is giving up.

They persist their effort to make their dream in to reality. persistence has no substitute. In fact it’s a journey of playing life in hard mode.

Patience is what we need to be successful

6. Attitude towards failure

attitude towards failure-successful
Every successful people have struggled and have seen failures. But how they get over them is the reason of keeping them going for that last extra effort that could take you to cross the finishing line.

Their belief, their attitude, their perception depends on a thing that EVEN IMPOSSIBLE SAYS I-M-POSSIBLE.

Life’s problems wouldn’t be called hurdles if there wasn’t a way to get over them.

7. Commitment

This is the most undervalued reason for their success. Their commitment to themselves or to others to changed the world or their world is the challenge they accepted and succeeded.

They commit themselves to be showing up every day to accomplish what they believe in.

Commit to oneself – When you commit, don’t accept any excuses only results. Not an interest that only happens when the circumstances permit.

One more thing –


The greatest joy and all the growth happens on journey not on reaching it. They enjoy their journey, they enjoy their small results, they enjoy their small success and failures. To make their journey an adventure.

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