What is wrong we do in Spending and saving

When it comes to spending and saving, all of us become ignorant, But deep down we know the truth that it is very important to manage our money by controlling our spending and increasing our saving.


This topic is for everyone from a kid who is struggling with his little pocket money and adults who want to be good with money in saving and spending.

Remember a person who is foolish with money is foolish in other ways too. A fool and his money are soon aparted.

When talking about spending. We all have been in a situation when we think that money don’t matters and we spend a lot (for example: Party) and next day we regret that decision. The thing is it is normal to happen but we sometimes really need to have some control over us when it comes to money. I am not saying Don’t spend your money – Do everything you want to do but try to save it from there as most as you can.


Spending your money wisely is a sign of a wise man. Be a wise man with your money.

  • Know difference between your needs and desire then spend it accordingly.
  • Make your money before spending it, Never ever try to spend something on which you have not enough money. (For example: Buying a home or buying a car)
  • Ask for Discounts when paying in cash.
  • Acquire things in old fashioned way: Save for them and pay cash.
  • Spend less and Save more.



Well all of this was about spending. Let’s talk about saving. As it is same as important as earning money. Most of the people do very well in saving some money for few weeks or months or years. But there is one thing happens in their mind that i have already saved enough money now i should buy something. Don’t be that person, Don’t buy anything because you have money but buy it only when you really need it.

It is very important to disciplines yourself to save money it is essential for success.

Teach yourself the value of money and importance of saving it. Don’t save more from your income, after some time you will get frustrated with your budget. Try to save small and also from small and big expenditures.


(To know more about 5 money saving tips for those who earn click here)

Remember wealth is not having all the money you want but having all the money you need. Spend your money wisely and save it from most of the things you can. And one more thing, Have a little money in the bank to handle unforeseen problem.

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