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Top new year resolution ideas 2016 – blogname

Top new year resolution ideas 2016

Whenever a clock strikes 12:00 on new year. This is the moment for starting a whole new beginning. A chance to dream with eyes open. Every year we think new year resolutions ideas and promise ourselves to do it. And we will do all of that again this year also.


Time changes and our values too and according to that we choose our resolutions that can make us better, feel better, look better, see better, and new and better ourselves. But sometimes we get so excited that we forgot about our resolution ideas which we are planning for almost last month.

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Don’t you worry here are some great and top new year resolutions ideas you would like to adopt this year in which few of this i personally recommend this to all of you.


Be good with money

“If a person is not good with his money, He is not good with anything else.”

Be healthy – stay fit

Being healthy and staying fit should be a resolution for everyone.

Make a vision

Create a vision and make it reality.

Proper Routine

A proper routine will help you to do things most efficiently and most important better time management.

Substitute Bad habits with Good

Everybody has both good and bad habits. But we should feed only the good habits in us.

Learning something new

Learning something new and great this year should be a great resolution. It can be anything like learning new skills or learning a new language.

Quit an addiction

Addiction to bad things is not a good idea. Commit yourself to quit bad addiction.

Reconnect with estranged friends and family

Reconnecting with your old friends and loved ones will give you unexpected joy for sure.

Try new foods

Go at different places to try different food. Who knows you find the best dish of your life so far.

Travel a lot

Travelling is loved by everyone. I have a goal of a world tour. And i will do it very soon.

Accomplish the incomplete

Complete your incomplete work and accomplish it that are important.

Positive approach to life

Always view the glass to be half full. This will help you solve any obstacle you may face in life.

Overcome a fear or mental block

Overcome anxiety, your fear could be a great resolution for this to change yourself.

Believe in yourself

The most important of all is to believe in yourself. Nobody will believe you until and unless you believed in something.

Doing something nice

Help others. Contribute for a cause or donate. Or at-least help 3 persons daily.

Please be kind with yourself

We can accomplish much more when we are encouraged, healthy and happy.


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