Mental Health vs Physical Health: Mind vs Body

Are you good in studies but sucks at playing football or you are great in playing outdoor games but sucks at studies. Are you  good at nothing or you are good at everything? It is all matter of mind and body of yours.

Connection of ‘mind’ and ‘body’ is a connection in our body that defines us and direct us and tell everything about us. They’re so interrelated that poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of developing mental health problems. Similarly, poor mental health can negatively impact on physical health. That is why you tend to see people that are good in something but bad in other things. But is it possible to be master of everything? – I will say ‘Yes’


A human that can control their mind and body properly are not less than superhuman. So here i will tell you the importance of these two things and how you can control them. There is always been a debate: is the mind part of the body, or the body part of the mind? If they are distinct, then how do they interact? And which of the two is in charge?


Nothing matters, Let me tell you a story there is a child in a village who was great at studies but not so good when it comes to play football, so he try to avoid it as most as he can. His physical teacher insist of playing games no matter if he sucks. But still he ignored him and try to move on. (TO BE CONTINUED..) We also do same thing in our life we try to ignore or avoid the things in which we are not good at but deep inside us we want to do that. We want to be succeeded. Who in this world would not want to improve him in things he/she is not good at.

(STORY CONTINUES…) The boy was significantly aware of this fact that he needs to improve himself to be succeeded in life because whatever he do he needs to have both fit mind and body. So he then tries and take a chance to kick a ball in the net. He failed, he tried again, he failed again and again. (TO BE CONTINUED..) Same things happens to us as well we failed and again and again. It is a fact and i am not denying it. But why we fails is the question we need to ask. Life doesn’t goes as we expect it to be. Now let’s see what the boy did.


(STORY CONTINUES…) The boy was feeling fully demotivated and depressed and He then thinks what is stopping him from achieving what he want to. He then go to his physical training teacher and tell about his problems he is facing then the teacher give him guidance and show him the way that what he was doing wrong. he then start it all over again and in 1st time he was able to perform a goal. He then realizes importance of it and start playing from that day and after some time he was the team captain. (STORY ENDS) Same is the problem with us we do try things but we failed because of no proper guidance and lack of knowledge. Manage to get yourself these things and bring out the hidden power in you and watch yourself climbing every stair of success.

The story i told you above was the childhood story of Mahatma Gandhi. If he can do that and achieve this greatness in his life why can’t you. Well i told you how to improve your physical way but how about mental health – Just 2 simple rules:

  • Eat healthy and be fit (know more for how to stay fit and healthy in 10 easy ways by clicking here)
  • Meditate (know how that just 10 mindful minutes can change your lives by clicking here)

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