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How to study for Finals or a test: Study Strategy List – blogname

How to study for Finals or a test: Study Strategy List

Exams- Oh God! we hate exams. Whether it is a final or a simple test. But on the other side, we like learning something or gaining knowledge but we hate studying. We hate studying but we have to study either for passing or being top student in the class. Any body can use this proven Study Strategy to study fast and better.




Study Strategy


Plan what to study? and how to study? and time management



It is kinda rare these days to plan before studying. But what to plan and how to plan is necessary. In plan making the most important part is analyzing the total material to study and time left for a test. Then dividing the material in small segments in time intervals either in daily target or hourly target.

Then focusing and making sure that you complete every single target by learning the planned material in a planned time. This will resist the feeling of burden or getting bored without compromising with studying.

Right study material

Study Strategy

Finding the RIGHT study material and choosing the important materials and studying them could be much better than studying everything.

If you study less but right things, you have a better chance of getting better marks than the person who studies too much but irrelevant.

Making the 2 hour Notes

Study Strategy

2 hour notes is nothing but a piece of paper where you right all the summary of all the important topics you have studied.

If it’s the math – It can be the all important formulas and properties.

If it’s a theory test – It can be basic points either without any explanation or few important keywords in explanation.

Write down only headings or important keywords that could help you later in revising every single thing you have studied in just a few minutes or hour before an exam.

Don’t Delay studying

Study Strategy

When there is few days left in exams or a test we tend to delay our studying by thinking that there is still time left for studying and learning everything. The next day same thing happens and then you end up having only one day almost everything then you regret it. This is the reason i think that i could blame for worse results.

You know what to do, I know you’re smart. Don’t delay, you need to work hard. Nobody is going to do it for you. You gotta work and start studying early for an exam.

Don’t just study answers read Questions too


We cannot cure a disease with the wrong medicine. Studying questions is as important as answers. Try to find solutions of question given by your teacher or from a book.

Most of the time by reading and learning important question’s answers could do the trick for getting good marks but don’t just trust on this method completely. It can come in handy if you have few time left for studying.




Practice and be persistent

Study Strategy

Well i don’t think i need to explain it. But practicing the right way is important. Solve recommend sample papers by your teacher or someone else or solve online exercises. You can also solve previous year question papers too for testing your study level and practicing too.

Persist your efforts. Because in the end your success will speak.

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