Why Money is a disaster and Blessing at the same time

Money is a paper which found no dustbin in this entire world! With out which living in this cosmopolitan world is difficult since for everything Money is required except mother love and father guidance.

Some people say MONEY is the greatest invention in the history of humankind, it is the most essential thing needed in our hands. Yet some people say many lives have been destroyed because of this and it is bad for societies.




Now a days money is also one part of our human life. Money is an important thing. But at same time it is  dangerous in society. First let’s talk about its plus points. In this century money is everything because in routine life we required money. without money the world cannot survive , hence without money there wont be any developments and not even me writing this.

There are lots of rich people in this world who are capable or living their life like a king and poor people somehow managing for its survival. (To know more about Rich people mantras click here) It is responsible for inequality in this world, root cause of destructive wars root cause of jealousy and root cause of most of our worries in this world .If i am not wrong 100% people of this world cares for money. In short it can be said Man made money to destroy himself.


Money is main part of the game in human life. It drives our lives. Our main motive of life is Money, most of you will disagree with this. If some people say that main motive of life is not money but happiness, But can they be happy without money? ABSOLUTELY NOT. So what exactly its importance is it good or evil.

When I think deeper and deeper. Money may neither be a good thing nor a bad thing. It all depends on our perception and the way we handle it. The problem arises when we start giving importance or value to money. But its very difficult to be neutral with money. The people who are neutral with money are really powerful and leads a happy life. Don’t you think we should also try to be neutral when it comes to money? So decide what you want with money be happy? or create problems for yourself?

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