USB type-C Explained: Everything you need to know

Most of you have listen or read about the new USB tech i.e. USB Type-C which is equipped in latest devices like Macbook, chromebook pixel, oneplus 2, Google Nexus 5X and 6P and is said to be the future of USB. Everybody is familiar and know What a USB is. But very few of us know the difference between USB 1.0, 2.0 , 3.0 and Type-C. So what is it exactly? – Let’s find out.

usb type c macbook

USB is used in so many ways from transferring data, storage, charging your smartphone, laptop and other devices too and many more. Okay that’s good but what’s the difference between them?  – The main things which differentiate all of them is data transfer speed they offer. USB 1.0 had a data transfer speed of 12 mbits/sec. USB 2.0 notched that speed upto 480 mbits/sec. Then comes the USB 3.0 which offers 640 mbits/sec but this type of USB (USB 3.0 only) didn’t do great. Most of the famous one which is being used the most is USB 2.0, After that 3.0.

But there is one more type of USB too. MicrosUSB which is being very popular in mobile devices mostly Android phones. One universal USB for all Android phones. But what’s the problem in using this? – The thing is It is only limited to Android phones only and data transfer Speed is not so fast. Neither it is able to charge big devices like laptops and cameras and many more.


There comes a need of a USB which has the potential of great data speeds and yet need to be universal USB port which is so small that it can be used in every single device from mobile phones to laptops, camera and all other devices too. Then USB Type-C comes to rescue which is also known as USB 3.1. 

usb type c

USB Type-C is so small that it can be fitted in every device from slim smartphones to slim laptops and every small devices and big devices too. It has a potential of transferring 10Gb of data every second also it can supply 29 watts of power which can charge not only smartphones but also laptops too. Another great feature it offers is It’s reversible. You can use it either way. You don’t have to worry about which way to connect. You will be able to plug this in single time, Every-time!

usb type c

This is a new piece of engineering hard work and yet one more step has been taken towards the future.

Future is here guys and it has begun. Most of the big companies is aware of this like Apple, Google and many more and started using this. We’re expected to see more devices offering USB Type-C in future and after some time in every single device.

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