Top 10 Most Expensive Phones in the world 2015

Nowadays buying a new expensive smartphone has become a matter of status rather than buying for is features. If you think company like Apple and Samsung are charging more for their high-end smartphones then you have definitely not seen other companies selling the same modified version of these phones at 100 TIMES more than its original price.

Here are the list of top most 10 expensive phones in the world in 2015:

10. Vertu signature Diamond


Vertu an expensive brand that is always in to business making luxurious  phones with gold and diamonds. It is a Rolex of phones. Vertu signature diamond is a simple, elegant, sleek design phone. But it will not cost you simple.

Price: $88,300

INR: Rs 57 lakhs

9. iPhone Princess Plus


Quite an unique name for a unique smartphone. Luxury starts with this like it has been made specifically for a princess. Designed by Peter Aloisson, the princess plus holds 318 diamonds, out of which are one 138 are princess cut, set in 18k gold rim. And with an expensive price tag.

Price: $176,400

INR: Rs 1.15 crore

8. Black Diamond VIPN smartphone


Black Diamond is a super thin phone and features border-less look. For making it look even more prettier it is enhanced further by the black glossy finish. When talking about luxury there is Two diamonds installed in the phone, 3 carat on the rear and 0.25 carat on the joystick. It offers a great unique design with great unique price.

Price: $300,000

INR: Rs 2 crore

 7. Vertu Signature Cobra


Again vertu is on the list. But this time this phone are able to catch every single person’s eye. Just like the name, the device has a cobra draped at its sides made out of four hundred and nine rubies and two emeralds as eyes! The main selling point? The rare pear cut diamond installed into the frame. Who else in this world would not want to have this type of phone. No phone is better than showing off your superiority and wealth. But it comes with a price.

Price: $310,000

INR: Rs 2.05 crore

 6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot


It’s not only unique because of the black diamonds that cover the whole phone nor the 180 gram 12 mm frame but it’s the two hundred year old African Blackwood at the back! But that’s not all there are seventeen hand polished and etched sapphires in the keyboard too.

Price: $ 1 million

INR: Rs 6.5 crore

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