The Hidden Power You Have to Make Yours and Other People’s life Exciting

It’s a bright day isn’t it. I love myself and my life and i think you should too not mine but yourself and your life. Why? – because life is beautiful you need to see that. My friends and my family always told me how you could be so happy in every situation. what’s your secret pal? – well, that’s a secret but don’t worry Today i will tell you my secret.

My friends thinks i don’t have any problems all i do is enjoy life. Actually sometimes i think i have more problems than them. Everyone has problems all it depends is on our attitude and how we react to it. There was one time when i was mostly depressed all the time then i committed to change it. The first thing i do is believe in myself and i done it by increasing my self confidence (to boost your self confidence click here).


Then i start trying smiling all the time in every situation sometimes it feels awkward but then i realized the more i smile (even a fake smile) the more people start attracted to me and after some time they like my company. I was able to smile all the time because i started reading jokes all the time from internet and started diverting my mind to that jokes when i was sad or depressed. (if you’re depressed read this by clicking here)

After i was successful in doing above things then i move my focus on finding fun things even it is not so fun to do. I started doing mad things like making an exceptional joke in a serious situation, laughing hard so that people laugh on the way i laugh – laughception.

Just these 3 things changed my life – your attitude, smiling and finding fun things in small things. And somehow made my life more exciting, more fun, more enjoyable. Now it’s the way i changed my life to exciting but how i make other’s life happy?


By showing love to them. How i show them love? By hugging them, When they try to shake hands I Smile go for a hug and you can see their face turns from fake smile to real smile. I started laughing with them telling them a worst PJ and sharing interesting moments of my life and so on. I recommend you to do the same and feel the change in environment around you. Then i moved to change a strangers people day by smiling at them.

I want to tell you my secret words that what i tell to myself when i woke up in the morning or whenever i feel low or sad or depressed. ” Its my moment, i am the one who is the most happiest person in the world, i am easy to be loved and i am always happy, Enjoy your day (my name) and be happy no matter what happen ” and i end it with a big smile.

It’s your life enjoy it, this is the moment this is a present a gift enjoy it, do what you love or you dare to do. Let others people wondered how you could be so happy and nice all the time, that how you are so happy. Show the people your passion your enthusiasm towards everything you do. Just be happy.


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