Study tips and hacks: 5 Simple tips to use during exams

In my later posts i have already explained about how to learn more in lesser time and how to study for finals – study strategy list. Now i will tell you about Study tips and hacks and what to do during exams for increasing your chance of getting better marks.

Here are the 5 study tips and hacks

Write only related to topic

Study tips

People usually tend to go of he topic most of the time only because to increase the number of pages. The checker actually don’t consider things you have written off the topic. So try to elaborate your answers as much as you can only related to topic if you need pages.

Quality over quantity

Study tips

Most of the people think you get more marks the more content you right. No actually it is the quality of the content that matters the most rather than quantity. You must create a balance between your quality and quantity and that’s it.

There is no point in writing 5 pages for a 10 marks question if you can write only 2.5 pages with better content and get the same marks. Time management saved. Which you can used further during exams.

Increasing writing speed

Study tips


Improve your writing speed for saving time. For this i use one simple method. It can be used anywhere. Write everything you can without looking back. It means even if you done a spelling mistake or left a word or did a grammatical mistake just don’t stop, don’t break your flow. let the ideas come and write it down on paper without losing your concentration.

Later you can re-read the answer. It just take a couple of minutes.

Confusion about presentation matters or not

Study tips

Most of the people think or have a myth that presentation don’t matter. Well in very few cases yes it doesn’t matter, otherwise every-time it comes after the 2nd priority after content. so work on that.

That is the reason why you’re being adviced by your teacher and seniors to underline important points and draw a line after each answer and write neat and clean, improving your writing and make it understandable. Because presentation do matters in getting marks.

Practice time management

Study tips

Well, i don’t need to tell you that how time much time matters in an exam. So here is one suggestion about better time management.

Practice the sample question papers by fixing the time less than the original timing. Let’s say, if it is a test of 3 hours then fix it for 2 hour 45 minutes then the next one would be 2 hours 30 minutes and try to solve sample question papers in this fixed time.

Well, there is no magic wand to get better marks instantly you need to practice! practice! practice!

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