Skill Development: 10 best ways to learn or acquire new skill

Many of you have may have encountered a situation where there is a need to learn or acquire new skill. It can be triggered due to anything. A commitment, a passion, a recently developed interest or anything else. But this is not as easy as it looks.

  1. Poker is a game of luck and skill.

  2. The work is difficult and requires a lot of skill.

  3. Cooking is a useful skill.

  4. He has excellent social skills.

Skill is an ability to do something that comes from training, experience, or practice.

Why People Fail to Acquire New Skill?


People started to overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do to acquire new skill. To make things worse, the first few days or weeks becomes even tough because they are starting from a point of zero knowledge. Due to all this confusion and stress, you got stuck in between without making any progress. And end-up failed to learn new skill.

Time Needed to Acquire New Skill

Have you ever wondered how much time it takes to acquire new skill from zero to efficient. Most of you maybe aware of this ‘10,000 hour rule’ to become expert in something. But the thing is most of us don’t want to be expert. We just need to learn it efficiently due to any reason.

Josh Kaufman talks about the first 20 hours on how to learn anything. According to him it takes only 20 dedicated hours but this first 20 hours has some rules to successfully acquire new skill.

How to develop a skill


First of all when you become so curious and interested in something that other concerns fall away, at least temporarily. Then you need to follow these 10 principles to acquire new skill. These principles help you to identify a skill, focus on it, and remove distractions or barriers that distract you from effective practice.

 1. Choose Lovable Project



It is the first step so don’t hurry. Find what gets you excited and choose it and know how you can embrace it. The more passionate you are the more it will be easier to maintain efforts. And most important, the more you will enjoy.

 2. One Skill at a Time


Person who chases two rabbits catches neither.

People actually tries to rush and think that they can focus on multi tasks at same time and accomplish it. Focus on one skill at a time. It’s time to get serious about something. Why? – Because you require concentration and focus to acquire new skill.

 3. Target Performance Level


Do you want to be proficient, Pro, or expert? Decide first – Then plan accordingly. The person who don’t know where he is heading reaches nowhere. So define your target performance level.

 4. Divide skills in sub-skill

Dividing a skill in to segment of sub-skill. Makes it easier to follow and reach certain levels step by step without feeling overwhelmed. Sounds like a good plan. You can also apply this rule to many more things to achieve something hard.

 5. Obtain Needed Resources


You cannot learn to play guitar without practicing on real one. So acquire resources that just works for you. No need to buy the best among all. A simple, budget-friendly guitar would be as efficient as expensive one for you.

 6. Eliminate Barriers to Practice


Barriers can be emotional blocks, environmental distractions or anything that makes it difficult to acquire new skill. It is easier to learn new things in a good environment. It also enhances the speed and quality of learning.

 7. Dedicated Time for Practicing


1 Hour of Dedicated learning is much better than 10 hours of without dedication. Quality of time is much more important than number of hours. So Eliminate barriers, makes the right environment with every needed resources and concentrate and focus only on your skill.

 8. Observe Mistakes and Make it Right


The first few hours of learning is very critical. So you need to have a proper timely feedback. So you don’t mistakenly practice wrong thing and waste your time. Because later it will be hard to change from beginning. So better observe mistakes in learning procedure.

9. Practice in time intervals


You don’t need to practice 20 hours continuously to acquire new skill. You can break the task in segments and set a time intervals to complete that particular task.

You can break your 20 hours in 15 days or a month. Totally depends on you. But make sure that you spend dedicated time on practicing and completing that task in set time intervals. It makes it less burden without effecting your efficiency.

 10. Emphasize Quantity and Quality


Quantity is as important as quality. So define quantity and make it qualitative is the best way to acquire new skill. It’s just like icing on cake.

One more thing

Acquire new skill comes from Regular training and Dedicated practice only. So Go For It. I believe in you. You can do it.

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