Masterpiece Play Schools
Design best Day Care for you

Masterpiece Play Schools also provides day care setup to pre-schools and to those who wish to have their own day care setup within the limits of their budget.

The Masterpiece Play Schools' designed day care program is a secure heaven for working parents to leave their children in, while they are at work. It is a home away from home.

We understand the emotional plight working parents go through when trying to balance their career demands along with their parenting responsibilities. Our highly balanced day care setup allows such parents to meet their professional goals and at the same time enjoy their parenthood A win-win situations.

In Masterpiece Play Schools' designed day care, the child will be involved in various easy to learn, few activities that help in overall development of their minds & body. The parents can focus on their professional responsibilities and be assured of the fact that their little one is in a loving & secure atmosphere, much like the one they create for him/her at home.