New year 2016: New year, New you: Secrets resolutions for new year

2016 is standing on the other side to come here and enlightening our new lives. Few days more and 2016 will be here. 2015 was a great year for me, and i hope same is the case with you. I enjoyed every single moment of 2015. But now it’s a time for new year 2016 and new us.


New year, New you – a phrase with 4 simple words but so much powerful. This year everyone wants to change something in their life that they missed this year or making the wrong thing right. It is the time where we have a chance to make ourselves new and making our lives better.

It is the time to change Old ideas, regrets, unresolved issues, physical and mental clutter, and maybe even some extra worries that were keeping you behind.

A new you calls for a new approach. Releasing and discarding things and thoughts that no longer serve you will free you to be more productive, creative and happy.

Don’t worry if you’ve made resolutions before and didn’t follow through. I also made resolutions this year and i didn’t follow at-least half of them. Not now, this is a new year and i will make this best year so far. It is normal to not complete all resolutions and fall like young kids who fall down frequently when learning to walk, we’re all the same in life.

let’s greet this year with enthusiasm, optimism and expectation. This is the year to live full out, stretching, growing and thriving being your best.

There are few things you need to do this year. But why i am telling this? – Because my grandfather told me his secrets for new year and i want to share it with you. These are the five things you must do every year.


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Every year we must clean ourselves not just physically but mentally. Our bad relations in our work-space, families and friends. Personal problems that creates burden on our mind and body. It includes removing all the clutters from everywhere in our personal world.

Do what you can do to resolve issues, forgive, let go and move on.

Review your relationships, including the one with yourself: Are you clear, honest and kind? Much more can be done with love than with recrimination and blame.



This year with making new resolutions. Make a vision and go full mad in making it reality. Make a vision that has the power to change your world and can keep you all night awake with being enthusiastic about that.

If you can’t do that on daily basis due to some extra work or so. Do it side by side.



See where you have left things unfinished, and papers and objects that you know you will not actually read or use. Finish the projects if they are worthwhile, or discard them along with the papers and items that are just taking up room.

Shift your to-do list, priorities, resources and time to better reflect what means most to you. Start with small steps; the bigger ones will come as you make progress.


new year resolutions ideas

Seven things which must be there for healthier life of yours. You can always add things to this list but these are the resolutions which you must do and give a word to yourselves that whatever happen you will do this, complete this or make it better.

  1. Be good with money
  2. Be healthy – Stay fit
  3. Proper routine
  4. Substitute bad habits with good
  5. Learning something new and great this year
  6. Making a vision – Achieving your dream
  7. Doing something nice

It includes thought or small step towards your goals, to exercise, eat healthier, spend more time with loved ones, work smarter, etc.



Acknowledge yourself. Instead of judging and berating yourself and being tense and in fear of breaking your “shoulds,” listen to your inner voice. Your innate wisdom can guide you. Pause and reflect before you make decisions, and base them on whether or not it brings you closer to what is most important for you.

And one more thing i want to tell you that he always tell me:

Please be kind with yourself. We can accomplish much more when we are encouraged, healthy and happy.  Think of New year, new you: Your greatest moments and work are still ahead of you. Enjoy and celebrate the opportunity to live, learn and grow. 

May this year be your best year yet!


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