Know how that just 10 minutes doing nothing can change your lives

We all live in a busy world. Everyone around us is busy doing something, even we are busy too. But ask yourself when did you last take any time doing nothing? did you? no!

But most of us spend some times in sleeping and sitting, and watching TV and we do nothing at that time? i know this thought is roaming around your head, isn’t it?

mindful  doing nothing

By nothing i do mean nothing. No TV, no reading, no calling, no E-mails not even thinking, simply nothing. Shocked? – let me explain it.

Our mind is a precious resource through which we experience every single moment of our life. Every single action of ours rely upon our mind. It is constantly working 24 hours a day and yet we do nothing to take care of our mind. This is the reason of having depression.


Most of the people got depressed and we don’t know how to deal with that. whether it’s a stress from studies, work or family.

But all it take to get relief from all your stress and depression is just MEDITATION. I am not talking about sitting crossed legged or eating herbals and other things.


Some people tends to deal with stress with distraction in different ways, for ex: bury themselves in their work, some will turn to their friends and family.

Our present moment is very important and special for us and yet we spend so little time paying attention to it.

According to the research in Harvard, they found almost 47% of the time our mind is lost in thought.

For positive feeling and enjoying the gift of “present” we do need to have a healthier mind.


Just 10 minutes a day can impact our entire lives. But we need to learn how to do it and that’s essential.

Meditation is not about stopping thoughts and emotions but actually it is sort of thing to see clearly in to our thoughts. We need to let go our thoughts and emotions without being judging it with a relaxed and focus mind.

thoughts confusion

Allow your thoughts to come and go without any usual involvement don’t get focused in one thought which goes round and round, whatever it is just let it go and experience the real you by looking in to your thoughts.

This is a key to make your mind work better and feel better.


We can’t change every little things that happens in our life but we can change the way we experience it. All we need to do is just step back and take 10 minutes and sit comfortably the way you want and close your eyes and familiarize yourself to a present moment it will give you a FOCUS, CALM AND CLARITY in your LIFE.


Tell us about your views and what you think about this in comment section and we would love to see your view on this. THANK YOU!
If you like it share it with your friends and your loved ones. Have a great life and LIVE IT CLEVER!

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