iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6: Here is what you should know before buying

Most of you  people have an iPhone in your pocket or may be reading this on your iPhone and wondering about what’s new in 6S? or even some of you thinking about upgrading their phones to iPhone 6S? We all want to have latest and greatest. don’t we?

Apple recently launched its latest flagship this year “iPhone 6S”. Its got some tweaks and upgraded most of the things than before. In case you’re wondering – should you really BUY it over your old smart phone? Let’s find out :

iphone 6s

Apple iPhone 6S may look like iPhone 6 but it got many things changed from its last year model. Actually design is the only thing that hasn’t been changed, Everything in iPhone 6S is new but it got some major tweaks updated from previous flagship (iPhone 6) which we will be focusing on today.

New 12 MP isight camera

iPhone is always been popular with its camera but lacks in detailed photographs. But this time they NAILED IT! It got a new 12 MP isight camera, which is now capable to take great photos with detailed picture qualities. Now it can even record 4K videos. Now you don’t have to worry about anything when taking a photo it will do it for you and will provide you some outstanding images.

iphone 6s camera

New material for stronger design

Last year iPhone “bend-gate” problem was a hot topic to look at. It got slightly bend from power button to down volume button even with a small pressure applied to it bends. Most of the people consumers complaint about this last year to apple. But now good news for some people they changed the material from Aluminum 6000 series to 7000 series. which is said to be 2-3 times stronger than before.

iphone 6s

Killer feature – Force touch or 3D touch

The biggest amazing new thing apple brought in their iPhone is the new Force touch or 3D touch taken from Apple watch and then Macbook and now available in iPhone too. It gives you some additional features and some cool tricks and shortcuts which is really useful. It is actually an outstanding feature which has been put for some quick shortcuts to save you time (when in hurry) and many more interesting things. You can learn more about this feature by clicking here.


Some extra  features

It also got a new faster processor – A9 which is being said to boost GPU performance by 90% and CPU performance by 70% compares to A8 in iPhone which makes heavy gaming and application easy to handle and feels much more fluent and natural

Also first time ever apple launched an iPhone with “2 GB” of ram (previous versions only have 1 GB). It runs on latest iOS 9.0.

And last but not the least, iPhone got a new color option – Rose gold. Now there are more options for people to buy the color which suits them the best.


but still we stuck at the same question we started at – do i really need to buy it? or upgrade it?

According to my opinion if i needed to buy the iPhone 6s over iPhone 6 (keeping in mind the price factor) “I WILL  BUY IPHONE 6S” but if i already have the iPhone 6 but want to upgrade to iPhone 6S then the answer will be NO! i will rather wait some time for apple to launch its new flagship with new design and new features and i will buy that. But it all depends on you if you want to be always updated with latest and greatest then go for it.


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