Interview? : The tricks you should know before going

Have you ever noticed in most cases most of the people who have potential or want to have a particular job, got rejected, and the one who hasn’t any motive to be selected got selected. It is a fact, Shocked? But why is it so? Why is it so common? – Actually the people who wasn’t serious got selected not because of their abilities but because they unknowingly made some good tricks that help them to move forward. But what are these things or tricks?


Before anything, the first thing they will try to find in you is self-confidence because without self-confidence it is very hard for people to achieve something. Click here to know more about how to boost self-confidence

Don’t worry i will tell you most of the things i have being taught or learned when interviewing HR manager of big companies. The one truth you all should be aware of is that HR people are not hired for selecting you, they’re being paid for rejecting you.

I will tell you some secrets they use for rejecting you and how you can trick these. In most cases they will try to increase the length of the time so you got more tensed. But you should tell yourselves that “great things take time to accomplish it”, think about your dreams in that time that what you,re capable of and what you can achieve. Time will pass anyway.


The second thing they try to manage your sitting position most of the people are unknowingly sat at a position they’re not supposed to as you can see in above picture. Do not try to sit in a position like this. Research shows that when sitting like this you’re unknowingly decreasing your testosterone level and increasing your stress level by 10-20%. But instead try to sit openly and take as more space you can. If it’s not possible then don’t sit just stand. Don’t worry no one will judge you regarding these.

The way you walk leave a good impressions just walk in a room with that confidence like you own the place. Dress is the main thing they put focus on. You need to dress for a position you want, not the one you have. Another main thing that majority of the people didn’t know “Don’t get caught glancing at your watch when talking to someone”.

Attitude is the thing you need to focus on the most, watch your attitude, don’t forget that your attitude is as important as the facts. When you complete the interview shake the interviewer’s hand and thank him or her for giving you this opportunity.

When i read biographies of successful men and women i noticed one thing in common and i feel that you should know too that it’s not your job to get people to like you, your job is to like people.

Remember that nothing important was ever achieved without someone taking a chance. Commit yourself and tell yourself when going for the interview that “you can achieve everything you want in this world all i need to do is just give my 100%” and then give 101%.

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