How to stick with your Goal: 10 ways on how to achieve your goal

Did you make a goal? and struggling to stick with it? or even achieving it? – Don’t you worry. It is the story of every single person (me too). But not anymore because i found out the ways you can attain your goal for longer and accomplish it.

I want to tell you the most important aspect in any goal is planning a goal. It needs to be done smartly. Or else we can say we need to make smart goals.

S  –   Specific
M –  Measurable
A  –  Achievable
R  –  Realistic
T   – Timely

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Remeber pain is temporary, Achievement is forever.

If you made a smart goal then you need to know some tips or ways with which you can keep your goal for longer and achieve it.

No hard way

dont try hard try smart

We choose the hard way to achieve more in less time. But instead you should do opposite. Why you’re in a hurry. People always need to understand their strengths and weakness and plan a task accordingly. Take your time. Divide your task in daily  or weekly routines. This will help you in maintaining your interest for a long time.

Work in short-term for Long-term benefits


“Add small and make it large” same is the case here. You need to work in short-terms. But how? – by dividing your goals in to task intervals on daily basis or weekly basis. This will help you to keep away a large burden.

Make it a habit


A study says that if you do a work delicately for 21 days in continuation, it becomes a habit. But i will say do it for at-least 30 days. Later you will feel like its normal to do this. but you need to be consistent, this takes us to our next point. Commit yourself.

Put it on your routine


Do Your work but try to manage and adjust your timings (fixed timing) for a task that could help you to achieve your goal. So that it becomes a part of your daily life. And in no time you will see the results. You will start to enjoy.

Make it challenging and interesting


Making it a little bit challenging will help you to keep you growing. But don’t make it very hard or very easy, choose in between. If you are capable of making it interesting then go for it.

Reward yourself


When you achieve your daily goal. Pat yourself on the back with some kind of reward. Sweet tooth? Shopping? Wine? Whatever your pleasure, but in moderation.

Join a team

A business man with an open hand ready to seal a deal

Join a team or doing it in a group that pursue the same interest as yours will make the journey to success much more rewarding, interesting, and enjoyable. Joining a team and doing things in group is said to be the most easiest and effective way to keep you going.

Track your progress


If possible try to add numbers to your results. This will help you to maintain a record in what time you did it and how much time will it take to complete. Track your daily progress as well and see your results in front of your eyes. And tell yourself if you can achieve this then what else is impossible for you to achieve.

Be persistent and patient


I always say “Nothing worthy, comes easily”. Great success won’t happen overnight nor without hard work. You need to be persistent at your task and keep patience for results.

Work for a cause that you believe in. If you don’t believe it no one else will. So believe in you and your capabilities and make things happen.

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