How to Protect Your Passion

There is always something in our life that we love to do no matter what happens or whatever our situation is or whatever our emotions. We just love to do that in our free time or whenever we want to. Because we are passionate about what we do. I know most of you can relate to something like this.

Anything that you are curious about and that thing drives you more and more, the more you do, it is your passion.  It can be anything like singing, dancing, playing an instrument, being a philosopher, football player, and even doing business is a type of passion. Now when we know what our passion is there comes a need of protecting it, nurturing it, and developing it.


When we are being asked: what you want to become when you grow up? is the deadliest question people ask to us. Because let’s say if you like making portrait, and you want to pursue that as your career, the truth is there is not very opportunities to do more in this field. And you would try to answer something logically to that question. Something like doing a job or starting a small business. Right? Most of us do this. But then we realize that there is not much option in this field. Then you try to lose interest in your passion. Don’t ever try to do so. If you are passionate about it and you are ready to do hard work and persist, you will definitely find a way to do and achieve big and great in any field.

There is never too late to pursue your passion. If you look around you, you will find enough people that are leaving their comfort zone to do the best in thing they love to do and doing great at it. If they can do so why not you. if thing is not working out then try something else but don’t stop.


When telling about people you like or trust or an expert about your dreams and passion, they will definitely argue with you. Let’s say you are telling about your boss to leave this job and do something different. he/she will tell you enough problems in you and your passion and they might be true. Even our parents will do that (well some of our parents will). The truth is people only think about their own benefits from you. They don’t think about you and this is a bitter truth of life. If they are getting benefited with you they they will try to do their best to not leave you.

If you take out pin from stapler, whole stapler is waste to use. – by me

Same is the case with us. We are stapler and our Passion is just a part of us like the pin. But if you take out the best thing from someone they are a waste. So don’t let any people decide about your future and your passion. Don’t let people destroy the talent in you. Do your best to protect it, nurture it, and develop it.

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