How to Nurture your Passion

When talking about passion and listening the word ‘passion’, there is something that comes in our mind instantly about what we love to do. This is something we are always curious about. Well i don’t need to tell you more about passion which you already know. But there is something you are missing – Nurturing your passion.

There is 3 ways same as in order when talking about passion

  • Protecting your passion (to know more about how to protect your passion click here)
  • Nurturing your passion
  • Developing your passion (to know more about how to develop your passion click here)

Nurturing means protecting and caring for something. It is very important to nurture your passion. Because nobody in this world born with an extraordinary talent or passion and suddenly they become expert of something, this is not possible. We come in this world with our various interest in some fields or anythings and it become our passions later. There is always something that a person like, always something which we like and all we gotta do is to nurture it like a small baby. We need to take care of it. Because every big thing start with small efforts.


Nurture your passion like a growing a tree, you need to take care of it, and see how fast it grows and how it become better and stronger.

First comes protecting it from outsiders and from inside of us (to know more about how to protect your passion click here). Then take this thing a step ahead i.e Nurturing. If you try to be Harsh with a small kid, then it would never work out. you need to be gentle and very careful. Same is the case with your passion people fail because they are overconfident or misguide their capabilities. They think they are expert or master of that thing and are able to do hard things first directly without any basic. NO! It will never work-out too.

There is no magic ward that moves and all of your wishes come true and suddenly you are master. It will take time and it will show great results. “Slow and steady wins the race” Go slow and be careful. No need to run.


First do easy things, that things that comes under your limit and you can do it easily, Then Do it again and again. After some time, Go further with this level and do things that matches your limits. it will not be easy, but it will not be hard too. All you gotta do is practice! practice! practice! this is the golden rule. Follow this and it will lead to your dreams.

Then comes most important part – Going beyond your limits. But we are talking about Nurturing here So, no harsh things, remember! The more easy task you do first, it will develop interest in you Ju The more you succeed the more you will feel better and confident only then you will be able to tackle your limits. Tackling your limits will improve you and motivate you to beyond this level and take it more further.

Try to relate everything which is being written here and imagine it and mould it the way you want. Imagination is your hidden power, Imagine yourself succeed and no one in this world will have enough guts to stop YOU from doing what you love to do.

(to know more about how to develop your passion click here)

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