How to measure if things are Expensive and Cheap

When it comes to buy something we generally think of only one thing – value for money. We always try to find great deals by Comparing it with our values for our money. But in some different cases this doesn’t work. Like Going for a vacation very far away, or buying a valuable painting made by Pablo Picasso, or buying a new home. How will you manage to know values of it? if you have never ever went there, seen that, or tried that.

The Business Concept : Comparison between cheap and expensive .

There comes a second thing which is divided in two parts – i.e Expensive or Cheap. We really need to go for a vacation but its expensive to go there. but going to a another place is cheap but not so good to be there. But for some people things are cheap for them and expensive for you and on other hand, cheap for you and expensive for them. Right? It is very often.

Well you cannot define or tell which thing is expensive and cheap? Seriously. Let’s say If buying a luxury car expensive for you but if we look it other ways lots of people actually buy it, It means this is not expensive for others. There is no way that we can decide which things are expensive or cheap. But instead of defining something as expensive or cheap. We can actually measure.


AFFORDABILITY is the key to measure if something is expensive or cheap. If you can afford it, it is cheap FOR YOU and if you can’t afford it, it is expensive for you. All of this depends totally on your affordability. There is nothing in this world that is expensive for everyone or cheap for everyone. In case you are wondering if something’s in this world is free for everyone wouldn’t it be cheap for everyone? and everyone would be able to get it? Right? – Actually, it can;t be possible.

Well there is nothing in this world that is free. If you see it Logically then you may see why is it so. If you think you are getting something for free. You are absolutely wrong, actually the case is someone else is bearing that expense that you are enjoying for free.

If its good and free, its not usually free at all. Somehow you are paying for it. Either with your money,or your effort, or your time, Sometimes you are just a part of an Experiment.

Let’s take an example: Everyone in this world gets fast internet for free lifetime. Can everyone in this world would be able to avail this free service that they need the most in their life. For this to happen hey need a device that can support internet and they have to pay for it. but some other have to bear the expense for giving it for free.

If you think Something is Expensive for you then you must do something in your life to make it cheap. and one more thing nothing is free don’t believe a person if he is saying its free. Be cautious.

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