How to Make Hard Choices: By Using Your Hidden Powers

Hard choices are faced by everyone and it can be anything like choices between career or places to live or even between two people to marry. What you should do in this situation is a matter of choice and thus it will effect your life.

What we think is that hard choices are something big, something momentous or something matters you the most. It comes occasionally and sometimes make you shiver, it makes you afraid or forced you to gnashing of teeth. But you all of them misunderstood hard choices and the role they play in our lives which bring out the hidden powers that possesses in all of us.


What makes a choice hard is the alternatives relate to each other. When compares to easy choice one alternative is better than the other and you go for it. But in a hard choice one alternative is better in some ways and other alternative is better in other ways and neither of these better than the overall. For ex: You get a job offer in other country and you have already a job and now staying here in same country is better in some ways and going to other country is better in other ways.


Sometimes all hard choices are always not big for ex: what to eat for snacks, A healthy dietary salad which is not tasty or having a tasty chocolate donut which is not so healthy. They are better in their own ways and neither of them is better than the overall, A hard choice. A small choices can also be hard. If you could manage to what to have for a breakfast then you could definitely choose between staying in the city or going to other city. Right?

But the real question is how to make a hard choice? – What you need to do is take out some pad or paper and draw a line down in the middle and write the reasons for and against each alternative and try to took the safest option or what you would like to go for. It will not make a hard choice easy but it helps a bit.


Sometimes Hard choices are really hard when someone don’t know the consequences of choosing one but this fear of unknown defines the hardness of hard choices. It is definitely one alternative is way better than the other but we are too stupid to know which and since we don’t know which we choose the least risky option.

Hard choices are not hard because of us or our ignorance or our current condition it is hard because there is no best option. So does it mean they are both equally right? – well they can’t be equally good, one should be better than the other. So neither is better than the other nor they are equally good. so how we are supposed to choose?

Now it all depends on the merits of each alternative and our values. Everyone of us have their own values and we matters different things that is important to us. Understanding the hard choices through the point of view of merits of each alternative and personal values of yours could make it easier to choose between them. Create reason, each of us has hidden power to create reasons. Imagine as it’s a easy choice, there is no best alternative and instead of looking out there, try to find the answers in you, who you want to be? by reasons and your values.

Hard choices are special opportunities and it is here that we have the power to create reasons for ourselves to become the person we want to be or what we are and that is why hard choices is a blessing not a curse.


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