How to make Goals Smartly: How to make SMART Goals

Most of the time in our life every-one of us come in a position where we have to make a goal. It can be anything related from losing weight to win the world. Due to any reason it can trigger you to make a goal. But mostly we fail not because of our weakness bu because of our lack of potential in making smart goals.


Here i studied and find out some of the specific reasons we fail and how we can overcome this by making a goal smartly or making smart goals.

The word S.M.A.R.T here is used specifically for a particular reason. Because this is not a word these are the rules of making smart goals.
S  –   specific
M –  measurable
A  –  achievable
R  –  realistic
T   – timely

Some people say that “thinking more about desired results could make you keep moving” while on the other hand some say that “don’t focus on results just do your work and you will find the desired results”. I don’t know which one is right, But i do know that both of this works on different personalities. You know yourself best choose your motivation. It is the only thing that only you could do. Nobody will be able to do this for you.



Remember pain is temporary achievement is forever.

First let’s talk about how to make a smart goal after the reason why and how making a smart goal can make you successful.

Be Specific

You need to be specific. Most of the people go wrong here. Let’s say you want to lose weight but how much you want to lose? and in how much time you want to lose? and how you want to lose? All you need to do is sharpen your focus

Make it Measurable

It should be measurable. If possible Add numbers to your results. This well help you to keep a record of yourself. Let’s say how much you have lost your weight? in how much time? Track your progress.

Believe it or not but it can motivate you by seeing your small victories daily and can help you keep going for longer.

Make it Achievable

The goal must be achievable. It should be based on your Strengths and Weakness. It need to be adjusted accordingly.

A goal that is hard to achieve will make you feel discomfort and demotivated and it will lead you to give up. So make a proper number based specific goal which can be achieved.

Be Realistic

Don’t make your goals based on your desires or your dreams. Don’t rely on them. Most people will think that i am wrong but it is almost impossible to achieve it, even if you think you can accomplish it. You need to choose more realistic approach.

Be real and honest with yourself, Know what you are capable of doing and then make your decisions accordingly.

Decide and Work Timely

Last but not least. The most important aspect of making a smart goal. Secret behind a smart goal is Time. How much time you dedicate to your goal? with how much dedication? Most people give too much time or too less but how to know that? – It’s simple and easy

Divide your task in intervals either on daily basis or weekly basis or monthly basis. (Depends on your type and nature of goal). Make it a habit by putting this task in your Daily routine.

Work hard in short term for long term benefits.

Here is a guide for Best Daily routine for everyone.

I wish all of you to achieve your goal.

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