How to make always Right Decisions: Know what is right and wrong to do

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to make a decision about something right or wrong. All of us has been in a situation where we ask ourselves if the thing we are doing or what we are going to do is right or wrong to do. It can be anything from smoking a cigarette for show off to saving a girl on the street at night, any question which you have a doubt upon.


Every person has its own personality, own problems and different solutions to different problems. So is there any method which can work for everyone? YES there is, but not exactly accurate. Here in this post i will try to explain you a method by which you can measure if this task/act  is good or bad for you to do.

Let’s make it simple – there are 3 ways or I will say 3 point of views to see a problem we are facing.

  1.  Your parent’s point of view
  2.  society’s/others point of view
  3.  Your point of view


By focusing on these point of views you are able to find what is right or wrong. But how? – When we arrive at a problem and we need to take a decision, we only need to ask ourselves 3 main questions. First think about our parents points of view and ask yourself if my parents would be proud to know that i am doing this? if yes, then move to the second question if no do the same, ask yourself next question and i will tell you why later in this post.

The next question you need to ask yourself is that Whatever i am doing is any how beneficial for the society or even a single person in this world (excluding yourself and your family)? and by society i mean everyone, not just your neighborhood, it includes your friends and their family, beggar sleeping on footpath and every single person in this world. If yes go to next question and if no do the same thing too.

The last and the main question you should ask to yourselves is that whatever i am doing will give me inner satisfaction and happiness? you need to ask these question in the same order.


Now, you have answer of all the 3 questions, first (parent’s point of view) They always think of good for you and always will and by this question you will get to know 100% unbiased opinion for good sake of yours. Others point of view will tell you if you’re doing something good for others or not. And the last but not the least, your own opinion to your decision, if the thing is right to do or wrong to do?

If all of the answers is YES, without any doubt go for it. If you have the answer YES in any of the 2 questions also go for it but carefully. But its a BIG-NO for you if you have only 1 or no yes answers at all.

You will later understand on your own the decision you take was perfectly right.

Tell us about your views and what you think about this in comment section and we would love to see your view on this. THANK YOU!

If you like it share it with your friends and your loved ones. Have a great life and LIVE IT CLEVER!

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