How to keep new year’s resolution: 7 Tips and secrets 2016

Every year on 1st of January we commit ourselves to change something in our lives for good sake and we call them new year’s resolutions. But this is not the problem. Problem arises when we come in a position to struggle ourselves in keeping or maintain the efforts for resolutions.

I always say “Nothing worthy, comes easily”. Every January 1, likely, we make a resolution. By February 1, we may already have blown it. Let this be the year your resolution sticks. And here’s how, 7 tips or secrets that could help you to maintain and achieve your desired results.

No hard way


Sometimes we get so excited when making new resolutions. We choose the hard way to achieve more in less time. But instead you should do opposite. Why you’re in a hurry. Take your time. Divide your task in daily  or weekly routines. This will help you in maintaining your interest for a long time.

Be Realistic


A resolution must not be something that you should based on your wants and desires. But actually it needs to be much more practical and achievable. A goal that you can accomplish. Change your resolution if you one this mistake. Be honest with yourselves.

Be Specific


Let’s say if you have decided to ‘lose your weight’ or becoming ‘thin’. But have you actually decided to be much more specific. How much you want to lose? – So try to be more specific. Add numbers to your resolutions.

Make it challenging and interesting : Reward yourself


Making it a little bit challenging will keep you growing. But don’t make it very hard or very easy, choose in between. If you are capable of making it interesting then go for it. Pat yourself on the back with some kind of reward. Sweet tooth? Shopping? Wine? Whatever your pleasure, but in moderation.

Let’s say you achieve your daily targets then reward yourself with something you like. It can be a 1 hour of playing games or so. If you don’t achieve your target then you are not allowed to touch it. Honesty with yourselves is very important here.

Do it in group if possible


Targets or Resolutions made with someone who has same resolution and helping each other to fulfill them will keep you more motivated by seeing each other. Join a team.

Nobody has ever thought of climbing Mt. Everest, until somebody did it.

Track your progress


Tracking your progress will be helpful to see results of your hard work. Believe me nothing can be a proud moment for yourself, when you see yourself taking one step closer to your goal with your hardwork.

Be Persistent and Patient


Experts say it takes about 21 days for a new activity to become a habit and six months for it to become part of your personality. It won’t happen overnight, so be persistent and patient!

If you ever feel low in between, remember why you started. you are very close and do you really want to stop.

I hope this year will be one of the best year so far. one more thing – ALWAYS KEEP MOVING. Nobody in this world can stop you unless and until you want it. So believe in yourself and your desires. YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT.

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