How to Improve Everything You Write in Three Minutes or Less

Whenever it comes to writing something like assignment or article or any project and documents, all of us make some mistakes (Well not all of us.. but most of us do). But why it happens if we are so good in writing and all? the thing is, the mistakes is normal. It doesn’t matter if you have an experience of years, it will happen.

typing on laptop

But why is it so normal for everyone to make mistakes? okay let me explain it in easy way – the main problem is the way we think and what we write is not accurately same, we actually think and talk to ourselves in casual language and documents we write is formal. But again this is not the only reason there can be a lot of factors working at the same time.

It can be anything like typing error, not able to find the correct word to use and not very good communication skills and so on. Most of you may not need it today but someday it will help you for making a great and extraordinary impact on your teacher, professor and even your boss. That is why I try to find why it happens and how we can improve it and you can do it too in just three minutes or less.

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So let’s get started but we need to go step by step.

Step one: When you finish your document, hit CTRL+F to bring up the search function.

Step two: One by one, look for these words and delete/amend them.

  • very, just and really (remove all three)
  • in order (delete, as in “i did this in order to do that”)
  • that (delete, as in “i believe that you are correct”)
  • quite (delete, excess word)
  • thing (replace it with specific word for the “thing”)
  • utilize (switch to “use” or pick another verb)
  • get or got (pick another, more descriptive verb)
  • -ing verbs (“I am writing” becomes “I write”)

Step Three: Print out the document to check your edits.

Step Four: Submit the work with confidence!



Now you’re ready to make an impact and be known as an outstanding writer in the human history. Hehe.. Just kidding.

Tell us about your views and what you think about this in comment section and we would love to see your view on this. THANK YOU!

If you like it share it with your friends and your loved ones. Have a great life and LIVE IT CLEVER!

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