How to handle stress, depression and worrying

Our world is a beautiful place and the creatures living in it are beautiful too that includes the most precious creature human being. Human being is a creature that is capable of evolving very fast from almost any problem. But not so good when things come towards his mental properties like in handle stress, depression and worrying.

In the whole history of human being every single one of them has faced the feeling of stress, depression and worrying. Till now this thing remains the same. These 3 things, everyone wants to avoid. As it causes negative effect on us and people around us.

handle stress

Whenever a person makes a mistake most of the time it is due to his stress or depression or any kind of worrying he is facing but people got depressed and they don’t know how to deal with that and therefore consequences happen.

What causes depression, stress and worrying?

Every single action of ours rely upon our mind. It is constantly working 24 hours a day and yet we do nothing to take care of our mind. This is the reason of having depression and stress due to work load.

People starts worrying whenever they try something new or thinking about their future.

Is it good, how?

Most of the people have a myth the stress, depression and worrying always causing negative effects. No, that is completely wrong. Let’s take it this way, Whenever you are scared at that time your all senses got really sensitive and it can work 2-3 times better when you are not scared.

Same is the case here sometimes if you handle negative things right you can convert it in positive. These 3 things can open the path for you of creativity, innovation, hard-working, smart work, in lesser time and many more. Bringing out the true potential in you.

Is it bad, how?

Well the coin has two face. Stress, depression and worrying can cause you in negative health effects, lower your productivity, lower your happiness level of enjoying things, you feel low. And i am sure you all don;t want to have that feeling.

How to handle Stress, depression and worrying?

Well there are few things that you can try:

 1. Eat healthy

It includes fruits and high fiber protein food and vitamins only through food rather than medicines. Science says if you eat healthy you are more likely to recover fast through stress, depression and worrying.

2. Go for a walk for 15 min

It can help you to relieve from your problem for sometime and you will be able to find solution very soon.

 3. Share with someone special

Sharing can be really helpful when fighting against tough times.

 4. Exercise

Exercise will make you feel energetic, confident and give you enough strength to handle these 3 feelings.

One more thingMy father told me the best way to handle a problem is to write it down somewhere, and flush it in the toilet. It will not solve the problem but definitely make you feel a little bit better.

these are only just 4 things you can try, here are few more links in better details to handle depression and worrying.

click here for How to handle depression or stress through 10 mindful minutes

click here for How to stop worrying

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