How to Give an Outstanding Presentation: 5 Great Tips

“Oh man! i hate presentation, why only me” I know these types of sentences comes in your mind when about to give a presentation right? But what if i tell you, you can be like ” Oh man! i love presentation, choose me” wouldn’t it be great? – Yes it will

Here i will show what you should know or do to have a great presentation so that you can make that thing which is being said to be boring or lifeless very interesting so people would love to see you and you can give a great impact. let’s get started:

 1. Make an Effective PowerPoint Presentations


That is the main thing which your audience will see, this is the things which create results. you need to make a simple and unique ppt. but how? 5 simple tips:

  • No paragraphs – only bullet points or fewer words
  • Pay attention to design – make it as simple as you can
  • Think and talk outside the screen
  • Use images properly – only when it provides important information
  • One thing at a time – don’t try to mix it up

if you do it right, let me tell you 60-70% of the problem has been solved. Now time for left 30%.

 2. Planning your talk


Planning your talk is like wearing a bulletproof jacket. You will feel safe and confident on your own. But before this you need to remember these things and you should follow it:

  • Make a script, make it in easy language
  • Take your time, don’t speak fast
  • Stick with what you know well
  • Tell great stories to make points
  • Practice! practice! practice!

Nothing can make you confident until and unless you practice hard and again and again.

 3. Body Posture


Remember when being on a stage this is the thing your mind will try to ignore. Don’t let it to do it. According to a research 70-80% time we talk with our body language. you should know what to do.

  • Make eye contact with your audience
  • Know the positions of your body, hand and legs (see above picture-follow this)
  • Toes towards your audience and few gap between your legs
  • A little bit of face in a uplift position when talking
  • Move yourself don’t stand in a single place

Don’t try to be perfect in every manner from every aspect just be calm.

4. Focus on your script


Never ever think that you can will see what to say there. you will end up stand like an idiot who don’t know what to say. these are things you must do or take care of:

  • Plan your talk with your audience in mind, not you
  • Use simple language in ppt as well as in script
  • Make a script and stick with what you know well
  • Bring up some small interesting stories in between (of course related to your topic)
  • give a data by which your audience can relate (like, titan sold 15 million watches a year or it can be somewhere  in the world in every 3 seconds a titan watch is sold). Looks more interesting? – Definitely

Now 98% of the thing is ready, now let’s focus on other 2% left.

 5. Do’s and Dont’s


To create the best results, try these?

  • Try not to cover too much material.
  • Your audience is present, so talk to them – ask questions
  • Think of your audience as a toy for you to enjoy 🙂 (be careful, don’t mess it up)
  • Practice your talk and learn your talk well
  •  (optional) Do something that is so memorable that if they remember nothing else about your talk, they’ll remember that. (totally depends upon you)

I hope you all get an idea very well of what to do and how to do. if you follow even half of these suggestions you will be excellent. But try to be more than that – Be Brilliant Be clever.

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