How to Develop Your Passion

Developing your passion is as important as finding your passion. Because without developing it is useless for us. In my previous articles i have written about 3 Ways of passion. i.e

  • Protecting your passion (to know more about how to protect your passion click here)
  • Nurturing your passion (to know more about bow to nurture your passion click here)
  • Developing your Passion.

Developing your passion is the most important task to do in among all of these because this is the only thing that decides how good we would be in our task or our passion. The more you develop the more better you become. But how to do it? Is it easy or hard?


Let me tell you easy ways leads to small achievements, Hard paths creates big results. So you need to decide which way you want to go. Because there is both easy and hard way of developing your passion. Easy way is the one in which we will work within our limits. And in hard way going beyond our limits.

When talking about within limits, what we gotta do is to pursue our passion and challenge ourselves to our limits. But before doing so we must know about protecting or passion and Nurturing our passion. You can know more about this by the link given above.  We need to first create interest in ourselves regarding this then do the commitment and all we gotta do is to Practice! Practice! Practice! and again and again. This is the only way. But doing only practice will not make you go through, There is one more thing.

Practice alone is unnecessary to do without persistence. If we can’t persist our efforts. Then doing so, will be just the waste of energy and time. Practice with persistence. Now this was the easy way lets come to hard way which tells us about going above your limits and show the world what we are capable to do and how much potential we have.

Persistence is more important than talent because it is the only thing that can beat talent.

Going beyond your limits is definitely not an easy task. But we CAN do so. We need to practice it, polish it, persist, set specific goals, achieve it and make this our HABIT and last thing never give up. Find a way to do so and go slow and steady. No need to rush out. Don’t leave a arrow in the dark, plan it and do it.


A River cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence.

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