How to celeberate thanksgiving 2015: What you should do on thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not so far ahead people are already planning for that day. So i made a list of 10 things you should do for fully experiencing and enjoying every single moment of this day.

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1. Call at-least three friends on Thanksgiving and tell them how thankful you are for their friendship.


Friendship is a free gift to everyone. It is our duty to thanks to those persons who make our life interesting and enjoyable in this world.

2. Gift books and others things to others.

small gift box with ribbon bow in female hand, isolated

Gift the persons you love. Best gift can be books but it can be everything, totally based on you. Even it is a small gift it doesn’t matter. Remember a hand made thanksgiving card is worth more than any other expensive things for your parents or loved ones.

3. Spend time with family.


how often do you get chances to spend time with your family together. this time will never come back. It is valuable. Make the best out of it and enjoy every single moment.

4. Decorate your house


Sometimes it is small things that gives you large dose of happiness. Focus on decorating your house with family and friends. Believe me you will thank yourself for this moment.

5. Go on holiday pursuits.



This time of the year it is very busy schedule in USA but it is most fun too. Go on various holiday pursuits for boosting up your enjoyment and happiness.

6. Help and give some food to poor or homeless people.


If possible try to help others. There are lots of families or homeless people who spends their thanksgiving with empty stomach. Try to help those people. At-least make sure that no-one in your locality sleeps with empty stomach.

7. Find activities to do with other for fun.


There are lots of activities and games (cardboard games etc.) can be played with friends and family for spending extra time with them.

8. Don’t waste food.


Most of the people or families cook more food than that they actually can eat. Don’t waste food. Be thankful for what you have on dining table. Be healthy.

9. Visit state and national parks with family or friends.



Most of the times people plan their vacation trips instead of that a visit to national or state parks with friends and family can be really pleasant for you. You will be grateful for that.

10. Leave everything behind better than you find it.


Don’t do bad on that day that makes other people day worse. They also have the right to celebrate thanksgiving. Leave things better than you find it can bring a smile on other people face.

Thanksgiving is a great festival that reminds us of being thankful for everything we have in our life.


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