How to be a Fast Decision Maker

Our whole life depends on our decisions. Our past life was also a result of our past decisions we made and the future will be based on the decision we will take today. So it is important, Very important to be a good decision maker and fast decision maker. There is no denying in this phrase that decision shapes our destiny (to know more about how decision shapes our destiny click here)


Everything in this world is becoming more challenging there is lot more competition around us. We need to fight it. We need to go through it. For this to make it happen we must have the ability to take accurate and fast decisions. There comes a need of having the ability to make hard choices or decisions because not everything is easy. (To know more about How to make hard choices click here)

There are few things to look at when making decisions:

Be calm minded – Stay calm and take it easy.

Try to identify the situation as more as you can – ┬áincrease your knowledge about that topic and find the paths you can take which are more beneficial for you.

Take the decision with right emotions – a very famous phrase “Don’t promise when you are happy, Don’t reply when you are angry and Don’t decide when you are sad”

Don’t be biased when making decision – When making decision this is where most people do wrong. They become biased, When making a important decision never, ever be biased. It will not work out.

Believe in your gut instincts – Follow your gut instincts most of the time it is right. It works just like your sixth sense.


Now let’s talk about timing:

Try to arrive at a decision in less than 2 minutes When in pressure our brain works 2 – 3 times more faster and better.

Don’t over think it – Thinking more than needed will result in confusion then frustration and hence result in bad decisions.

Some extra things you should remember is that You don’t need to worry about anything. Whatever going to happen will happen and most of the time we think about this bad can happen, 99% of the time it doesn’t happen. So, WHY WORRY.

If you think you are going wrong then put a cross on it and move forward.

Nobody knows what will happen so why do we care too. Just keep positive thinking Because everything happens is for good and one more thing… live your life happily.

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