How to be a Decent Person: First impression and Personality

You all of may have heard a phrase ‘first impression is the last impression’. We all want to have a great personality and want to be a decent person. When we meet someone, there first impression should be like “WOW”. And this is not so tough. But how to create a great first impression? A decent impression? – It is very important for being a successful person. There are three things that is responsible for this.

  • How we look and show ourselves
  • How is our personality
  • How we talk


When we meet someone, Looks are the first things that is being seen. Some people are seriously having good looks. But some people Don’t. How we look, is the god’s gift. we can’t change it. But we could improve it. Attractions always doesn’t comes only through face. Attractive people are not the one who are having good looks. People Attract with inside of you, your emotions, your thoughts, and your actions. All you need to do is be good from inside and people will see it.

Business man holding a card with smiling face.

Second point is How is our personality?- It is the way you walk, the way you wear clothes, and how well you dress up. Always remember one thing

Fashion and Trend is for just for few moments, it will fade through time but being classy is evergreen.

Everyone in this world can looks good by being classy. Some few more tips for creating better personality.

  • Always be clean
  • Proper hair
  • Nice clothes
  • Nails properly cut
  • A confident face (to know more about how to boost self confident click here)
  • Take care of your Hygiene (to know more about 10 easy ways to stay fit and health click here)
  • A good diet (to know more about having a healthy breakfast click here)


Last things is how we talk? In the upcoming time or in our future, world’s most of the work will be done by machines and robots only. See around you the world is changing. People will only be able to earn through his way of talk and his communication skills. That is why, we definitely need to improve it by practicing, reading, more communicating, reading newspaper, interacting in good manner and good behavior.

I want to tell you one more thing. Don’t ever stop until you reach your goal and then make a new goal then go for it. improve yourself daily to make your today much better than yesterday by improving your lifestyle and your abilities. Show the world what you are capable of and what is your true worth.

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