How Emotions Drives Successful People’s Ability and Quality

What you do? how you do? and why you do? is all depends on your emotions. This is the invisible force that drives and tell us Why we do What we do. There is a phrase that “Effective leaders have the ability to consistently move themselves and others to action because they understand the invisible forces that shapes us”. Agree or not?


Well, What makes a difference in the qualities people’s life? What makes the difference in the performance of them? What are shaping that person’s quality that let them do beyond their abilities? – There are few things that drives them. They are able to think great invisible ideas and make them visible, What they dream they take it out and make it happen, whether it is related to business, body, money, their lifestyle whatever it is.


“More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth” People themselves need to remind themselves that if you think it but not apply it, Nothing will happen. DECISION is the ultimate power. Ask all of the successful people if they have failed to achieve something? the answer will be yes but not one time again and again they failed (most of them). And then ask people who have not achieve something that why are they not able to achieve something? and they will answer you – well i didn’t have the time or money or technology or creativity and the list goes on. May be they are right but this is not the defining factor.

You  may have seen or heard that a poor people kid achieve something great without most of the resources and you may also have seen a kid that has every resource he could dream of, money, time, support, technology, family and many more but end it up as achieving nothing big or nothing great. So, what is the thing that leads us to the path of success? Well it is all Emotions you bear that is responsible for success.


There are Emotions behind that defines people Ability, Skills and Quality. If we get right emotions we can get ourselves to do anything we want. If you are creative enough, playful enough, fun enough then tell me who in this world can stop you from getting through anything. If you are creative enough but don’t have money you will find a way. It will be hard but you will Definitely find a way.

But what are these emotions:

  • PATIENCE (to know more about how patience can lead to success in every single task click here)

Decisions with right emotions can change our lives significantly. (to know more about how to take hard choices click here)

(to know more about how decisions shapes our destiny click here)

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