How Decisions Shapes Our Destiny

Decisions shapes us who we are. Whatever decision we have taken in the past is responsible for today and what decision we take today will shape our future or i will say our Destiny.


We all take Small decisions, Big decisions, Bad decisions, Good decisions, our entire life, DAILY. So it is important to always make a good decisions that will change our lives in a good manner. I have already explained how to make decisions when you don’t know if its right or wrong to do (to know more about it click here).


Now i will show you the proper way through which you must take your decisions to create the destiny you want. Decisions we take always depends on our emotions. How many times you think that if i have taken the different decision that day my life would be completely different? Right? – me too. We can’t change the past but we can change the future and can shape it like whatever we want. All we need to do is take right decisions.

These are the 3 decisions we should make in every moment of our lives.

 1) What i am going to focus on?

Am i going to focus on self or others?

Am i going to focus on my strength or weakness?

Am i going to focus on my what could i be or what i am?

You must decide then focus on that thing which can take you forward not to that which pulls you down.

 2) What does it mean?

Is it the end or the beginning?

Do you want to be punished or rewarded?

How much this thing means to me?

Ask yourself the importance of that thing and go for it.

3) What are you going to do?

Are you going to give up or move forward?

Are you going to make a change or be the same?

Are you gonna change the world or not?

Decide these things and do it right now and make it happen.

Emotions is the thing that will help you to make it happen. It is emotions that drives us and create actions. (to know more about how emotions helps in everything we do click here)

This is just the way i show you how to properly know your meaning towards your decision it is you who needs to take a decisions whether it is a career decision or something else. GOOD LUCK!

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