Force Touch / 3D Touch – Explained

Every year Apple announces something new and extraordinary and yet amazing and very innovative things. This year they launch a new iPhone 6S. After the launch of new iPhone there is a hype about the new feature called 3D Touch or Force Touch. But most of the people don’t know about this, so what exactly it is? Let’s find out.

iphone 6s force touch

3D touch doesn’t mean the phone is 3D capable or it can play 3D videos and so on. No, this isn’t the case here. It is actually very much related to long press and short press in android phones. It mostly looks like it too but it isn’t the similar thing, it is different in many ways.

What is force touch or 3D touch?

3D touch is a new technology which is first introduce in Apple watch and then macbook force touch trackpad, it can measure the depth of your Touch. It is made to sense the amount of pressure applied by touch of our hand and analyze the amount of pressure you’re applying on this screen and react accordingly, by providing haptic feedback and show some special shortcuts on the screen and many more.

force-touch force touch

But how is it different from android? hmm… In android there is long press and short press. But here, instead of long and short press there is soft press and hard press.


Now you may be wondering what’s the use of this? – let’s put it this way, it is made for using iPhone 6s more conveniently and faster.

But how? – it allows new shortcut to pop up on the screen related to the app you are holding your finger on (as you can see in the image below), it is very helpful sometimes which you really need most of the time like taking a quick selfie, write down an idea before you forgot it, needed directions to a particular place quickly etc. Instead of opening a complete app and using that particular feature, you can directly open that feature with the help of a 3D touch.

iphone 6s force touch

For example: 3D Touch on camera app will show shortcuts of taking selfie, record video, record slo-mo and take videos. On messages app you will have an option to create message and view previous messages and you can even make your keyboard a trackpad by hard pressing on keyboard, it is also really a great feature in using live photos features and so on.

iphone 6s force touch

This feature allows to have new fun things on iPhone. It opens a new path to create something great with the help of this feature like playing games can become even more intense with using 3D touch.

You can expect to see this 3D touch feature in future apple devices too like in iPad, iPod and many more.


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