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Every single one us are same but different. Same because we all are Human Beings. We all have same motives – to live life happily by earning good amount of money and being famous. We are different because of our uniqueness in each of us. We have passion or skill or any other potential that makes us superior than others, or at-least most of the people.

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If someone think or say i don’t have any talents or potential then you are wrong or may be haven’t found it yet. I was one of them too. I don’t have any special talents regarding something that could get me NAME, FAME and MONEY. But what i have is just curiosity to know and do many things and learning new things as a beginner. But after some time i get bored of it and change my interest to totally different. When i was about to get something better in that particular skill or talent or potential, I started to get bored. That makes me even more different from other people. I started to feel alone and think that there is something wrong with me. But there wasn’t anything wrong with me.


It is all the matter of perception. Rather than seeing myself as a person who have no particular interest with no persistence at all to do so, I think of myself as a person who can do many things or capable to do many things and are able to learn it rapidly. I am a person with various interests and skills and also have MULTI-POTENTIALS..

Some people are like me, and some people are opposite to me, some have only one interest and some have varied interests. If you think you haven’t one then you didn’t know yourself well. first of all, explore yourself by exploring your mind and body together. Search for that things that is the reason of your curiosity in you, that drives you, that what you are good at and what makes you happy. Believe in yourself.

WE ALL ARE CONTROLLED BY OUR NEEDS AND EMOTION. And this is where we need to make a change in ourselves that are controlling us and mould it in a way we want. We should be in control with our needs and emotions. To pursue our ideas, and increase in your ability and skills. (To know more about How Emotions Drives Our Ability and Skill click here), (To know more about How Your Idea Can Change The World click here)

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Force yourself and explore in you. Take out that creativity that was hidden in you. To find it, follow your curiosity and passion and love towards things you do. Nothing is more powerful in this world than imagination. Know your passion, protect your passion, nurture your passion, and develop your passion. Imagine the possibilities you can achieve. Pursue your desires your needs or whatever you’re good at, no matter either it is a small thing and only one thing, or it is big and so many things. If you can imagine you can do it. But you need to work for it and succeed in it.

Remember you don’t get what you wish for, you get only what you work for.

Work for yourself, your desires, your needs, and your passion. You will get what you have wished for and worked for. Nothing big can be achieved without working for it. Do your best and let people see your potential in you. Explore in you and start believing in you.

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