Cold Water vs Hot water Showers: Benefits you didn’t know

Bathing is like a part of our life and we do it daily and some of you do from cold showers and some from hot showers. Right? But what’s so important in bathing with cold and hot showers? – Well I will say EVERYTHING. Most of your personality can be affected by taking the cold or hot showers.


Don’t believe me, it’s fine. If someone comes to you and say “no! no! don’t bath in hot showers instead try cold showers it will help you stimulates your immune system and it defines your personality and bla-bla-bla.” Sounds stupid but it isn’t. Science has proven some benefits through research that what change was found in people who bath in cold showers and hot showers.

This is not a theory it is a fact because what we do after waking up in the morning decides our mood throughout the day and bathing is the most important thing that we do. So here are the benefits of both hot and cold showers.


  • It helps you to stimulates your immune system.
  • It can boost or increase your alertness level.
  • Cold water prevents from cold.
  • It also stimulates Anti-Depression hormones making you feel more energetic.
  • It accelerates your metabolism.
  • Frees up the mind.
  • Tightens the skin.
  • Reduces hair loss.

Some of you who takes cold water showers can agree to this. Now comes the turn of Hot water showers.


  • Relaxes the muscle.
  • Lowers body tension.
  • Alleviates migrane.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Acts as a nasal decongestant.
  • Remove toxins from the skin.
  • Open pores and clean the skin.

Some of you will agree to this as well.

But why is it so that just taking cold and hot showers can help you in so many things? – showering is an essential part of a healthy routine, deciding of the type of water (cold or hot) changes the temperature in our body then blood flow and increases alertness and makes you completely awake.

The way you awake is matters the most. Remember some days when you need to go to school or college you barely move from the bed and when it’s a holiday you suddenly wake up without any problem. Same is the case here. Cold water wakes you up instantly increase our toughness level and alertness and many more . Same is the case with hot water it wakes you up slowly and gently and you feel relaxed and happy.

Even if the hot water shower column just said ‘death’ i still wouldn’t take a cold shower. JUST KIDDING.

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