Christmas tech gifts 2015: 4 Cool gadgets under $100 (8000 Rs)

In 2013, you gifted a 5MP camera or smartphone to someone you love. Last year, you upgraded to a 10MP camera. Now you intend to upgrading it again.

Oh! common, Let’s get more creative this year by giving tech gifts or i will say cool gadgets to someone. We have some great 4 cool gadget recommendation under or around $100. You personally would like to buy for yourself or someone other.

Christmas Gift ideas 2015

 1. Amkette Evo Gamepad – Rs 2,799 ( Around $40)

Christmas tech gifts

Amkette has, over the years, been rolling out a number of stylish looking mobile products. This time they have come up with Gamepad controller, a Bluetooth gamepad for use with Android devices. if your loved one spend endless amount of time playing games. THIS is the perfect gift.

Here are some features of Amkette Evo Gamepad:

  • Bluetooth Gamepad
  • Good looking gadget
  • Can be used with any Android devices, Tab, or HD TV
  • Has personal Evo Gamepad App
  • Fully functional Gaming controller with almost everything
  • 12 Hours of playback
  • 5 metres of range

This also has one downsize that only limited game suppports this gamepad but it support popular games which includes games like Asphalt Airborne 8, Beach Buggy Racing, Fifa 15.

 2. Genius Mousepen-I608x Design Tab – Rs 4,500 (Around $65)

Christmas tech gifts

Imagine a slate and a chalk with it. Remember? How fun it was? and much more creativity and more fun. It is the same thing but in digital variant. Great for Drawing or Design enthusiasts. You can connect this with your smart-devices or laptop and you can paint, draw, write, and edit all of this wirelessly in a great price.

Here are some features of Genius Mousepen-I608x Design Tab:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Supports laptops, computer, smartphones and other smart-devices
  • HD area of 6×8 inches and a resolution of 2560 LPI (Line Per Inch)
  • Traditional method of painting with some advanced technologies
  • One pen for brushing, writing drawing and painting in any thickness or color.
  • Pressure sensing technology to give you a real feel
  • You can use it in almost any softwares
  • Lots of Functionality gives you wide aspects of creating something great
  • Personally Recommend this for Painter, designer or anyone who loves to draw or write

An outstanding Piece of technology at an amazing price.

 3. YU Yupix Portable Printer – Rs 6,999 (Around $95)

Christmas tech gifts

Sometimes when i click a picture i want to see it instantly. Now imagine if you could Print it instantly on-the-go Anytime and anywhere. Don’t just think it, feel it by this YU Yuphox Portable Printer which lets you print a photo in just under 60 sec with your smartphone (supports both Android and iOS).

Here are some features of YU Yupix Portable Printer:

  • Handy, compact and Portable printer
  • Extraordinary design
  • Print a photo under 60 seconds
  • Supports both Android and iOS
  • It can print JPEG format picture at a size of 2.1 x 3.4 inches
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi and NFC (good for faster image transferring and processing)
  • Can print 10 photos continuously

Now imagine taking photos on Christmas and instantly printing it out and sticking it on Christmas tree. Wouldn’t it be so nice?

 4. ENRG anti-gravity lamp – Rs 7,500 (Around $100)

Christmas tech gifts

Looks so futuristic. A great gift for decorating a house with magic on christmas. what else could be the best thing on christmas? Gift someone you love or your parents or kids a slice of innovation to shock themselves. Make the guest go surprised.

Here are some features of ENRG anti-gravity lamp:

  • Make part guest Surprised with magic
  • Slice of futuristic technology at your home
  • Affordable price for a innovative product
  • A desk lamp that defies Gravity
  • Uses power of Magnets to keep float upper part
  • Upper part rotates and spins in air for cooler impact
  • LED lamp
  • Three colors available – Black, Brown and silver

I would definitely love to have this in my house and i know you too.


Well these are the four innovative gadgets that anybody would love to have because they are great and useful and budget friendly at the same time. Good for gifting someone on Christmas.

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