Masterpiece Play Schools

        Education is about preparing and equipping young people for life and not just for school. With this thought in mind as a guiding light, we at Masterpiece Play Schools gives an environment to children where they enjoy learning and get prepared to perform to the best of their abilities.


        Early experiences have the greatest impact on the developing brain. Therefore, a balanced approach is needed to give emotional, social, cognitive and language development to the children.

        Every child is different and unique. Each has his own talents to excel in. In this fast growing competitive world, we chose the unending race for success leaving behind the happiness of life. According to the 2011 census, 15 crore children (13% of the population) are in the age group of 0-6 years & will be expected to enter pre-schools.

        It is proven that 50% of child’s adult intelligence & 90% of adult brain patterns are developed in the first five years of age. We at Masterpiece Play Schools help the child in these most crucial formative years of development by emphasizing learning by doing, learning through all five senses (Sight, Smell, Sound, Touch and Taste) and focusing on nurturing the whole child, covering all aspects (Physical, Cognitive, Social, Psychological and Spiritual). We ensure to provide children with real life experiences that cultivate sense of independence, Self-esteem and love for peace, helping the child to get groomed for all kinds of challenges of life. We celebrate diversity and appreciate similarity among children. We give equal importance to values as to knowledge. We build original trendsetters not the followers.

        The Masterpiece Play Schools provides complete guidance including layout designs for doing up the premise, furniture designs, list of required materials along with other required equipments, helps in shortlisting and recruiting of staff, periodic training of staff and guidance in implementing marketing strategy for securing enrolments.

        Masterpiece Play Schools Aims to reach out to as many advocators alike, parents and others to create and provide an environment that will guide children to develop into intelligent, humble, compassionate, responsible and thinking citizens!


Our Mission


To be the Leader of Premium Quality Early Childhood Education and Services & To motivate and share valuable experiences with early childhood educators.

Our Vision


To Be A Unique One Stop Global Education Service Provider Brand.


We strongly believe that every pre-school has the potential to run successfully and establish their identity. The owner(s) accept responsibility for the safety and development of the children and also have their own expectations and vision for the school.


In order to “Be the Change”- we welcome like-minded committed people who can be a part of our inspiring journey to impart world class early childhood education. Our main motive is to spread smiles on the faces of children.