About us

HELLO! My name is Hunny Sharma (Founder of this blog), I live in Delhi, India. I am an Indian and proudly a self-made entrepreneur. I belong to a middle class family, my father and my grandfather are both business man. As a result, I am really attracted to business things and learning and teaching life tips, life hacks, life lessons, money, gadgets, and Personal development.

One thing special about me is that I have no special talents i am just passionately curios.

I have always been in love with doing great things, having big achievements in a Small age, gaining knowledge, knowing facts and in so much more things. But everybody loves something more than other things, it applies to me as well, there is 2 main things or interest  which attract me the most since i have taken birth in this world: Business and IT (Information Technology) and unsurprisingly i made this site livelifeclever.com (which gives me both the platform).

No one is born Great or Perfect, nor do i. So i made my passion to always look for ways to improve myself in every manner and from every aspect and i believe in sharing those ideas and ways by which i created of Today’s me, and i want to help making this world a better place.

I believe i have a higher purpose to do great things for this world and their people living in this. Since it hasn’t take me any long to realize that by helping people gives me inner satisfaction. That’s why i have created this website to provide people a place where they find tactful Knowledgeable things, where they can relate themselves and can get an idea to make their today and tomorrow better than yesterday.

livelifeclever.com is been made for a great purpose. The purpose is to change the people’s perspective towards small and big things in their lives, by changing the way they see the world, and by helping them questioning their knowledge and so on. In this site you will also get to see some interesting facts around the world, some tips and tricks, and making yourself a better person than before and make you stand out in front of everyone. I will also provide you a free service of interesting daily facing problem’s  solutions.

I hope you all do understand the motive of me for making this website and hope too that you will enjoy and keep coming back to my site. For contacting me you can checkout my CONTACT US page, please feel free for contacting me regarding any queries, tip or any questions.