7 things you should do on your birthday to make it even more special

There is so many days in a year which are special to us but there is one day which is extraordinary special, the day which we care the most, the day only for us – It’s the day we are born – OUR BIRTHDAY.

Today is my birthday and i want to share with you that what i do on this memorable occasion to make it even more memorable and i recommend you to do this too. Here are the 7 things you must do on our birthday to make it memorable and even more enjoyable.

1. Take blessings from your parents and give them a gift if possible


On my birthday the first thing i do is and start my day with their blessings.This is the best gift i can get and somehow it gives me unexpected happiness. I don’t actually do that normally even on big occasions but i want to make them realize that i still care for them.

The best priceless and most expensive thing in this world for us is the one who bring us in to this world. Yet we do nothing for them. Ask yourself what was the last time you ever take to do something ONLY (not even you) for them? Surprise them by giving them a gift, no need for an expensive one but a tie for your father and a flower for your mother will be enough.

2. Organize a party with your best friends


Yea! Time for some fun to do! Give them a treat or take treat for them but definitely meet all of your best friends and spend some time with them.

Let me tell you this will be among your best moments to be with them and it will give you a feeling of how special you’re for them and they are for you.

3. If possible organize a party at your home


But why? Because its your birthday the best place you can afford is your home, there you can do whatever you like or whatever you want to do. you can play some small fun games with your friends for making your day even more spicier.

4. Buy the most interesting cake you can think of


Birthday without a cake is not possible to even imagine. To make your birthday extraordinary unique. Bring a unique cake just like you that reflects your personality.

5. Donate something to poor or the one who is in need


Now, its time for doing something good for others that day. By donating i doesn’t mean giving huge amounts in charity, NO! even giving a penny would be enough for making the person in need happy.

I do this because this gives me a feeling i have never felt before on that only and i want you feel that once (you will not be disappointed i guarantee).

Warning! most of you will think it as an opportunity for showing off and increasing your fame and followers on Instagram and making yourself more famous on Facebook. It’s completely your choice but i suggest to do it secretly.

6. Help at-least 3 people this day.


Here help can be anything whether financial, or physical they can be your family member or a stranger. Be gentle with everyone talk politely with everyone no matter if he/she is your enemy.

7. Go on a dinner with your family members.


After giving some time to friends its time to spend some time with your family. plan a dinner, go with them and enjoy this wonderful night and end your bright day.

You are the king for this day and i want you do what you like the most. If toady is your birthday or it is coming soon Happy birthday from side.

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