7 Random Facts about Our Solar System and its Planets

When it comes to universe everything is beyond imagination. A place which has no rules of physics. A place which has no time limits and space boundaries and many more. But we are not talking about things we don’t know. We are focusing on what you might be interested in and you must know. Some Random facts about our solar system and its planets.

 1. Mercury is not the Hottest planet in our solar system, Its VENUS


Mercury is the closest planet to sun but it isn’t the hottest planet , It is actually Venus. how? – Because Venus has gases in its environment mostly Carbon Dioxide. Which makes it even more hotter and result in most hottest planet in our solar system.

 2. Flattest and biggest structure known to man so far is SATURN’S RINGS

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Saturn’s rings are arguably the flattest structure known to man. It is being some 300,000 kilometers (1,86,400 miles) end-to-end but with a vertical thickness of about 10 meters (3 story building).

 3. The sun burns 600 million tons of hydrogen every second


The sun Burns 600 million tons of hydrogen per second. If i compare it with the earth’s water. The total water on earth would be burned in 32 years. Total water on earth can fuel sun for almost 32 years.

 4. Saturn is the only planet that can float on water


According to some science, theory and facts. It is being known that Saturn is the only planet that is capable of floating in water.

 5. Earth is the only planet that has plate tectonics


It is being said for so long that earth is the only planet that has plate tectonics. It means earth is the only planet that can have earthquakes. But it is still in doubt.

 6. A year on Mercury takes only 2 Earth days


It means Mercury completes about 183 Years compared to only 1 year on Earth.

 7. There are more planet in this universe than there are grain of sand on Earth


There are more planets in universe than there are grains of sand on earth, but there are more atoms in one grain of sand than there are stars in the universe.

These are the most amazing facts i can think of when talking about our solar system.

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