7 proven techniques on how to improve memory

When it comes to improve memory. It is often the reason of studying and learning more in less time and even remembering people name and main cause, jogging your memory. It can be a long and hard way to improve memory but there are some techniques that are scientifically proven to improve your memory.


I want to share with you these techniques to improve memory:

7 Proven Techniques To Improve Memory


 1. Play Video Games (especially strategic and brain games)


Wow! Improve memory while enjoying games. What else do you need. It is like training for brain. When next time someone says to you, Stop playing games tell them it is scientifically proven who plays videos games have better memory than who don’t.

 2. Challenge Your Head



Do some fun activities that make you think. Don’t stop learning new things. It can be reading a book or learning a new language or skill. You can also have fun, By going to museum or so for fun learning. Play games like crosswords and Sudoku and some others strategic or brain games.

 3. Improve Your Routine


Sleep for at-least 8 hours a day helps brain to take enough rest and work efficiently. Also having a healthy breakfast is helpful for healthier brain. Adding meditations in your routine will help you to get through stress and depression. Which is the main causes for bad memory.

 4. Exercise or Participate in Athletic Activities


Participate in athletic activities could significantly boost memory and others functioning of brain. Mind and Body are connected. We must help ourselves physically to endure ourselves mentally or vice versa.

 5. Stay Fit


Eat well and eat right that gives you needed vitamins, proteins and minerals on daily basis. Especially include these in breakfast.

10 easy ways to stay fit and healthy

 6. Get Organised


If your house is a mess, you’re more likely to forget things. Things in the right place at right time helps brain to concentrate without using so much energy to find things. So that you don’t get frustrated because it is the negative aspect in memory training.

 7. Try Mnemonic Devices


Mnemonic devices are memory tools to help you remember words and particular information. They help you to organize information into an easier-to-remember format and improve memory. For example:

Acronyms = (such as BG for “Buy Groceries”)
Visualizations = (such as imagining an apple to remember you have to buy fruits)
Rhymes = (if you need to remember a name, for instance, think “Shirley’s hair is curly”)
Chunking = It is breaking up information into smaller “chunks” (such as organizing numbers into the format of a phone number)

(Bonus tip) Involve Multiple Senses


When you walk on a wire there are multiple senses working together to keep you in place. If a single one is disturbed your balance starts to shiver. So involving many senses makes it easier to remember and concentrate. This is a great technique for instant results.

Now you know the techniques all you gotta do is pay attention and practice to improve memory. The more you do the more better you will be your memory.

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