5 Great, Useful and Cool Gadgets you must have

Cool Gadgets are machines that make our life easier. We do need to have some gadgets which is used very commonly. In this emerging world there is emerging technology and we need to go with the flow, these things are very useful, and who knows when it could be very important.

Let’s start with something that is everyone would love to have:

1. Wireless, Bluetooth, Portable Speakers


Going somewhere out, Can’t live without listening music, But hate wires then Wireless Bluetooth portable speakers is for you. You can get a good looking, good quality, branded speaker for as low as Rs. 1,000 and go up to your needs and preference.

2. Fitness Wristband


Well nowadays it is a trend to wear a sexy fitness band. That is equipped with new technology that can measure your heart-rate, track your activities, can show you how much you walk or run, and how many calories you have burned and many more you can expect from this and it can transfer all the data to your smartphone wirelessly for records and later improvement.

3. Smartwatch


From last couple of years when it was first launched was an outstanding hit but there were some tiny bit of problems because it was the first time for the world to see something new. Now you can get fully functional smartwatch that can connect with you smartphone. And not only it will tel you time, but also track your all day activities, fitness, heart-rate, remind you and show notifications directly on your watch without looking at your phone or even when the phone is far from you.

4. Virtual Reality


A Wearable device for our eyes that take us to a whole new environment instantly. A gadget by which you can see places in Paris by first person view by sitting in India. Isn’t it cool. Imagine the possibilities with it. like gaming or talking to someone far away from us and yet seeing it completely naturally. Well there are some cheap and expensive gadgets that offers that for ex: google cardboard listed in cheap and oculus rift listed in expensive one.

5. Microsoft HoloLens


Imagine a virtual reality like explained as above with some holographic pictures and videos that react to your gestures, your voice, your eye movement and even with your thinking. Now Don’t just imagine that because it is true. Microsoft has developed the a device HoloLens that are capable to do so these things.

Here is a short video of it:


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