10 cool gadgets to buy 2015: you must have to make your life easier (PART 2)

Gadgets are already taking place in our life for making it easier. But these gadgets have taken it far away than this. Consider theses cool gadgets to buy. These are very innovative that could seriously help in facing first world problems. This is part 2 click here for part 1.

Here is the continued list of 10 cool and innovative gadgets to buy in 2015 which you must have to make your life easier.

 6. Pulse Camera


Imagine if you could control your camera with your smartphone. Now don’t just imagine it’s real. Alpine laboratories has made a compact device plugs directly in to your DSLR which gives you the power to fully control its functionality from your Android or iOS device.

Here are some features of Pulse Camera:

  • Functionality to control camera with your smartphone
  • Supports both Android and iOS
  • Ideal for professional Photographers
  • Great for Time lapse videos, Night shots, firework shows and group pictures
  • You can even control ISO, shutter speed, Exposure and so and so.
  • It also has a Dedicated camera app.

 7. Phree


This is a very clever name for a product as it reflects from its name Phree allows you to write freely on any surface at any angle and displays it wirelessly on your smart-devices that includes computers, laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

Here are some features of Phree:

  • Allows you to write freely on any surface
  • Wireless connectivity by utilizing Bluetooth
  • It can identify handwriting patterns and even emojis
  • Compatible with Office OneNote, EverNote, Google handwriting keyboard etc.

This cool gadget is very helpful and it is priced $190.

 8. Motorola Scout 5000


When a big company like Motorola launch Gadgets. It is always something Cool and Innovative. But this time they dedicated this gadget for pet-lovers or your best buddies. If you want to eye 24×7 on your pet then this is for you.

Here are some features of Motorola Scout 5000:

  • Great for Over protective persons about their pets
  • Eye on them 24×7
  • Comes with a GPS tracker
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Wide angle camera that shoots 720p videos
  • You can stream live videos on your smartphone
  • It can also allows you to communicate through voice commands

This is the gadget which i recommend for every pet lover. It costs $200.

 9. Andiamo IQ smart luggage

business travellers waiting for their flight at airport

If you are person who travel a lot but can’t get off social life. Believe me this is made specifically for you guys. This smart luggage act as a personal charging dock and comes with wi-fi connectivity station and it is a luggage.

Here are some features of Andiamo IQ smart luggage:

  • Act as a luggage
  • has its own personal Charging Dock
  • Comes with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Comes with an app to connect with your Android and iOS
  • It also has Anti-theft distance alerts
  • It is capable of calculating weight of the luggage (save you from overweight baggage fees)

This smart luggage is the one i will prefer when going away from home. This will cost you around $300.

 10. Quell


Quell is a wearable accessory for those who don’t wan to stop. IT helps you to forget about your muscle pains and carry the job. This gadget can help you reduce the pain by Trans-cutaneous Electrical nerve simulation technology to relieve you from pain in just 15 minutes.

 Here are some features of Quell smart accessory:

  • Good for people who find it difficult to exercise or run because of Muscular pain
  • Promises to Relieve from nerve related pain in just 15 minutes
  • Passport sized device with strap to put on affected area
  • Signals your brain to release pain-relieving opioids
  • Good for people who suffers from knee injuries, sprains etc.
  • Helpful for people who are serious for their day-to-day activities
  • It can also notify about battery life, sleep patterns, therapy session etc.

This device is definitely for sport lovers who love to push themselves beyond their limits. It cost around $250.

This is part 2 click here for part 1.

These gadgets are a benchmark in their size to work ratio. Devices that can create a big impact in our lives to make it easier. There are many more gadgets in this world. And we will cover best of them.

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