10 cool gadgets to buy 2015: you must have to make your life easier (PART 1)

There are many cool gadgets and cool tech toys that are available in the market. These Pocket sized gadgets are very innovative and useful that could make your life much easier to live and way more enjoyable.

Here is a list of 10 cool and innovative gadgets to buy in 2015 which you must have to make your life easier. This is Part 1 click here for part 2

 1. Hercules Motion Camera


This is not your Ordinary digital camera. If you are crazy about photography and video-making then this gadget s definitely for you. It is portable and effective. It is the World’s smallest motorized camera motion control system that is very portable as it is very small to fit inside your pocket.

Here are some Features of Hercules Motion Camera:

  • Portable yet effective
  • World’s smallest motorized camera
  • Professional photography and film-making capabilities
  • Create Linear Dolly shots
  • Curved shots
  • Time lapse videos
  • small size
  • 110gm of weight
  • Can handle up to 9KG of Camera

Price varies as per product choices

 2. Ampy (Charge while walking)


World’s first charger that drives energy through your motion to charge your electronic devices. World’s first wearable motion charger. A healthy lifestyle gadget that charges your smartphone.

Here are some features of Ampy:

  • Walk and Charge
  • 10,000 Steps or cycling for an hour (Enough energy for 3 hours working of your phone)
  • Convert Kinetic energy in to Electrical energy
  • USB Port facility
  • Can recharges Smartphones and Tablets
  • Helps in Healthy lifestyle
  • Very useful in trekking and vacations (where finding a source can be really tough)

Price of Ampy is $100

 3. Skybuds Wireless Earbuds


My own personal favorite The ultimate Wireless earbuds. Looks like Dream has come true. First bluetooth Earbuds without any sort of attachments.

Here are some Features of Skybuds Wireless Earbuds:

  • First Bluetooth Earphones
  • No wire or no sort of attachment needed
  • Tiny Buds
  • Single control button
  • Microphone
  • LED light
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3 Hours of Constant Playback
  • 4 Hours of talk time

All of this is interesting but doesn’t come cheap Price of Skybuds Wireless Earbuds is $300

 4. Magical Ring (Lord of the Rings)


This is a Powerful Ring or say a Magical Ring that could control your smartphone,TV, Tablet and other Smart devices. Well this doesn’t look like a normal ring. It is slightly larger.

Here are some features of Ring:

  • Thrilling gadget
  • Power to control smart devices like smartphone, TV and tablet etc.
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Controls with your Index finger
  • Perform operations with your finger
  • you can take picture
  • you can play music, check mails and turn on TV
  • You can send a tweet by performing a Gesture
  • It can last upto 3 days in a single charge.
  • What else in this world do you need

Well it Price is not cheap. It costs $270

 5. TrackR Sticker


Do you feel pissed off when you are not even able to find your car keys, wallet watch, phone in the morning or so. It is a real pain, Isn’t it? Well from now on say goodbye to theses problems This TrackR sticker can be attached to anything as this is a wireless coin sized sticker.

Here are some features of TrackR Sticker:

  • It can help you find your car keys, smartphone, wallet etc.
  • Wireless functionality
  • Coin-sized sticker
  • iPhone and android can be used to find or track things by using an app
  • Can ring smartphone even it is on silent mode
  • Very innovative and useful idea
  • Great product at low price

It is good to see how useful it can be but it is great to see its price as it only cost $25.

This is Part 1 click here for part 2

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