10 Bitter Truths of Life that Nobody tells you (But should)

Welcome to the Earth. A place like nowhere else. Where people or human beings are the most dangerous animals. This is a guide to life. Things you must know but nobody urges to tell you that. Most of the people learned these things hard way. So I provided an easy way. A Guide To Life.

 1. Money is the root of all evil, but if you have no money then society will scorn you. The less evil you have the less people will think of you.


2. Love is like a Grocery store of apple: Look all you want, but you will never find a one with a huge dent in it. Nobody is Perfect – Especially YOU.


 3. There are trillions of organisms upon trillions of planets within trillions of galaxies. And yet you will still meet people who consider themselves as ‘important’. These people are known as ‘men’ and ‘women’. You may want to avoid them.

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4. Mostly people only date other people who have better or similar status, money, looks, height and so on. So if you turn out to be short in some of it then don’t bother looking up.


5. If you turn out to be pretty, Then people will treat you unfairly because everyone assumes that attractive people are just charming and everything is way easier for them. You will not find any sympathy because people think you have a perfect life. This will result in bitter and loneliness from inside.


6. If you turn out to be ugly, Everyone will like you because you are worse looking than them. However nobody will love you because you are worse looking than them. This will result in bitter and loneliness from inside.

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 7. The majority of people will step over your corpse to get better parking space. Your existence in this world doesn’t matter to anyone, until and unless they get benefited from you.


 8. Some say rich people live happy while poor people live in tension, depression, and emotionally unstable most of the time or vice versa. But actually everyone in this world live with both sadness and happiness and have their own problems to tackle them.


 9. Everyone is full of wonderful advice that they won’t hesitate you to thrust upon you when you need it. But almost every-time these are worthless and must not be adopted, because nobody understand your situation better than you. So you might want to pass the advice.


 10. There are more than six billion of us on Earth, So you are not actually unique or special (but we like you anyway). If you really want to be different, you seriously need to go out of your way with complete madness.

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life is not easy for everyone. You must be average in everything to survive in this world happily. Nothing is Easy. Nothing is free in this world. This is a beautiful planet but not so beautiful people in it.

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